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Acoustic Enclosures
Acoustic noise cancellation

Acoustic Enclosures

Protecting your equipment from airborne noise

The primary goal of the acoustic enclosures is to protect sensitive equipment from airborne noise affecting measurement data. They come as an accessory to our active vibration isolation systems, but are also available as stand-alone unit.

Due to stability reasons it has proven effective to place the acoustic enclosures on welded steel frames. With the active isolation system placed inside, you get a most comprehensive overall solution for operating high precision applications.

The light-weight construction of the enclosures enables the use in locations with limited load-bearing capacity. Especially compared to heavy steal enclosures, their weight is significantly lower which makes it more user-friendly in terms of managebility.

As we mostly design customizations regarding dimensions and cable port specifications, there is not just one standard solution, but always the model best fitting your needs.

Sophisticated and refined design

A multi-layer wall construction ensures substantial broadband damping of airborne and structure-borne noise, caused by air conditioning, ventilation, vacuum pumps etc.

The 4° inclined walls prevent sound waves from spreading. The entire front part of the acoustic enclosure can be effortlessly lifted by the gas pressure actuated mechanism. This feature improves usability while providing optimal access to the set-up inside.   

  • Broadband damping of acoustic noise
  • 4° wall inclination to avoid sound wave spreading
  • Smooth gas pressure spring opening
  • Light-weight design compared to steel enclosures
  • Easy access
  • Customized design available   


Performance Demonstration


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