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What are spectroscopic Imaging Ellipsometers?

Spectroscopic Imaging Ellipsometry measures the sample’s ellipsometric properties as function of the probing wavelength (or photon energy). It yields hyperspectral Δ-Ψ-maps, in which every image pixel contains a measured ellipsometric spectrum (Fig.1). Spectroscopic measurements are the most versatile approach to achieve a complete and highly precise characterization of thin-film samples (Fig.2). Hence, they have become the standard use case in Imaging Ellipsometry over the last two decades. The great majority of our Imaging Ellipsometers is equipped with spectral measurement capabilities.

Thanks to the advances in digital camera technologies and to custom designs of broadband optical components, Accurion offers spectroscopic Imaging Ellipsometers for various spectral ranges for the ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS), and the infrared (IR) part of the electromagnetic spectrum. High-end Imaging Ellipsometers for broadband measurements may be equipped with up to three different cameras to cover the entire spectral range from the UV to the IR.