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Accurion Nano Series
Vibration Isolation

Accurion Nano Series

Efficiency meets simplicity

The Nano series combines high-end active vibration isolation with ultra-small dimensions and is employed in the isolation of very small and lightweight applications. Its competitive pricing allows usage for educational settings and basic research, like entry level scanning probe microscopes.

The two standard versions of the Nano series consist of an isolator and an external control unit. Both systems are rather lightweight and portable.

The active vibration isolation takes effect at 1 Hz and increases considerably from this frequency upwards. Above 15 Hz, Nano systems achieve an isolation of 40 dB, meaning that 99.0% of the vibration is effectively isolated.

Acoustic Enclosures for Nano Series

In order to maintain the concept of simplicity, the isolator does not require any tuning or load adjustment prior to its use. Its swift and easy installation and handling allows you to focus completely on your application.

  • Active Vibration Isolation in six degrees of freedom                             
  • No natural low frequency resonance — excellent vibration isolation characteristics in the low frequency range
  • Active isolation starts at 1 Hz (passive isolation > 200 Hz)
  • No compressed air supply is needed, AC power from an electrical outlet is sufficient
  • Simple handling — no tuning or load adjustment required
  • Settling time only 0.3 s
  • Ultra-compact and portable — ideal for small and lightweight applications
  • Excellent position stability and stiffness
  • External control unit


Performance Demonstration


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