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Accurion Workstation Series
Vibration Isolation

Accurion Workstation Series

Ergonomic design and stability

As the performance of every vibration isolation system is affected by ambient conditions, it is essential to place the isolation system on a suitable surface to achieve the best possible isolation performance. Representing a comprehensive solution, the ergonomically designed Workstation Series perfectly combines an active vibration isolation system with a stiff support structure.

There are several standard versions available, as well as customizations.


The Workstation_i4 is designed to be used with optical microscopes or microscope/SPM combinations. The isolated surface is surrounded by a scratch-resistant MDF-plate, convenient for arm resting or as storage area. 

Any of the three i4 versions can be integrated into a workstation depending on customer requirements.


The Workstation_Vario systems come with a steel frame embedded optical breadboard as working surface. As extensibility, the surrounding frame can be used for the installation of acoustic enclosures.

Compared to the Workstation_i4, these versions are suitable to support larger and heavier applications.

Workstation for IVF procedure

This worktable has been specially designed for the use with in-vitro-fertilization so that embryologists can ergonomically sit in front of their microscope. The IVF workstation is a perfect match for various microscopic set-ups which enables the user to work with increased efficiency and reliability. 

Aside from functionality and stability, we paid particular attention to medical standards like proper surface coating. A mobile cabinet is available as optional accessory.

  • Active Vibration Isolation in six degrees of freedom
  • No natural low frequency resonance—excellent vibration isolation characteristics in the low frequency range
  • Automatic load adjustment and transporation lock
  • Settling time only 0.3 s
  • No compressed air required – power supply only
  • Allows ergonomic seating
  • Excellent position stability and stiffness
  • Wide range of standard versions and customizations available


Performance Demonstration


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