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Accurion Vario Series
Vibration Isolation

Accurion Vario Series

Versatile solution for various applications

Vario systems are element based modular vibration isolation systems, consisting of at least two isolation elements and an external control unit. This product series has been designed for the isolation of mid to large scale instruments and customer-specific applications.

The primary model Vario Basic is particularly suitable for the isolation of high static loads. The elements are always used in pairs, so you can configure two, four, six or more isolation elements.

Our portfolio includes three standard lengths to match the size of various set-ups.

Modular and flexible

The compact dimensions and its flexibility render this product series ideal for installations in customer-specific applications. The combination with an optical breadboard is quite common, as it serves as a mechanical link between the isolation elements.

Welded steel frames have proven successful as stable support structure for the Vario systems.
These frames are aimed at the integration of active vibration isolation systems under the consideration of horizontal and vertical stiffness. By using such, the isolation system can be brought to a convenient working height depending on the requirements of the customer. 

  • Active Vibration Isolation in six degrees of freedom
  • No natural low frequency resonance—excellent vibration isolation characteristics in the low frequency range
  • Active isolation starts at 1 Hz (passive isolation > 200 Hz)
  • Settling time only 0.3 s
  • No compressed air required – power supply only
  • Convenient manual load adjustment – automatic load adjustment optional
  • Excellent position stability and stiffness
  • Wide range of standard versions and customizations available
  • External control unit


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