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Accurion UltraBAM
Overall focused images in live view

Accurion UltraBAM

The UltraBAM is the ultimate Brewster angle microscope designed for the air/liquid interface. It allows direct visualization of Langmuir monolayers or adsorbate films. It can also work on solid substrates like glass, quartz or similar materials.*


The UltraBAM combines high resolution and overall focused real-time imaging. Advanced imaging optics provide fully focused images at 20-35 frames per second. A high performance camera and specific calibration algorithms enable quantitative measurements of reflectivity. Thus, adsorption kinetics or thickness variations can be monitored. The instrument comes with a motorized analyser to visualize optical anisotropy caused by long-range molecular orientation order in monolayers.


The provided software makes operation easy and convenient. It allows taking pictures of the water surface with just one click or even automatize picture grabbing completely, so that the user only needs to concentrate on keeping the focus line in the live view. It is also possible to record videos for later analysis. Furthermore, the software provides image analysis tools like pixel count and automatic ROI selection for the evaluation of area coverage.


The UltraBAM and its software can be integrated with virtually any trough: on your existing trough**, or with one of our integrated troughs. The trough comes as a separate item and is not included as standard. The integration with the trough software works only in the way of taking some information from the trough and adding it as metadata to the pictures taken with the UltraBAM.


*Only under specific conditions

**There are some limitations regarding the size of the trough. In some cases, it might not be possible to be integrated to the software of the trough

  • Spectroscopic imaging ellipsometry from 190/250/360 nm to 1000/1700 nm
  • Highest lateral ellipsometric resolution of 1 µm, allowing to determine thickness (0.1 nm to 10 µm) and refractive index on microstructures as small as 1 µm
  • Ellipsometric enhanced contrast images for a live visualization of the sample
  • Intuitive selection of measurement region by drawing region in live view
  • Parallel measurement of multiple regions within the selected field of view
  • Patented knife-edge illumination for the non-destructive suppression of disturbing backside-reflections
  • Enlarge your measurement possibilities by using addition accessories, e.g. cells, temperature control or liquid handling


Brewster Angle Microscopy

This microscopy technique allows the direct observation of ultrathin organic films on transparent dielectric substrates. It is based on the effect that from the clean surface no reflection occurs when p-polarized incoming light under the Brewster angle. 

The "black background" of the Brewster angle setup allows using the detector (CCD-camera) with the maximum of intensity. A very thin organic layer (e.g. a monolayer with typ. 2 nm) with different refractive index will cause reflection. Typically, the resulting reflection is only about a millionth of the incident intensity.

The reflected light can be used to form a high contrast image of the lateral morphology of the layer, with applications in the life sciences and materials research.

More about Imaging Ellipsometry.



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